Collection System Staff

The collection system is operated and maintained by a staff of 17 people, and is headed by the Collection System Superintendent. All staff members require licenses issued by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in this field to assure competency.

Collection System Superintendent
Our Collection System Superintendent is
Mark Harter. Mark has 5 years in the Sewer Construction Field and 31 years at the Authority in the Wastewater Collection Field. He is currently licensed as a certified Wastewater System Operator Class E. He is also a recipient of the Central Pennsylvania Water Quality Association's Collection System Excellence Award.

The Collection System Superintendent is responsible for overseeing the following activities:
Development Construction Inspection
Lift Station Maintenance and Construction
Mainline Maintenance
Inflow / Infiltration Inspection
Equipment Maintenance
Answering questions from the public regarding service problems
Answering questions from developers regarding service potential
Answering questions from engineers regarding design requirements for construction and is the Authority's contact for approvals for all development projects.

Assistant Collection System Superintendent
Our Assistant Collection System Superintendent is Doug Corman, whose experience in excavation and pipeline construction began with the Authority began in 1997. He is responsible for organizing and overseeing all work crew activities involving main-line maintenance and replacement, lift station maintenance, and inflow/infiltration investigation.

There are currently 3 Inspectors: Bruce Harpster, Jeff Crytser, and Scott Driver. The Inspectors are  responsible for determining whether or not newly constructed sewer extensions providing service for new developments meet UAJA specifications. They are also responsible for inspecting new building sewer laterals connected to the mainline sewer. They respond to requests for sewer line locations when notified an excavation is scheduled by the PA One Call System.

Sewer Maintenance Staff
The Sewer Maintenance Staff is comprised of 12 people who are responsible for making all repairs and upgrades to the collection system. Kerry Bartley ('99) and Darren Brown ('01) are the Crew Leaders. They are joined by Dan Tressler ('92), Jim Chamberlain ('97), Emanuel Yoder ('01), Dave Ream ('04), Josh Rogers ('05), Chuck Harpster ('06), and Bill Heckman ('08), Shane Hosterman ('13), Morgan Miiler ('16), Troy Rimmey ('16).

Staff duties include replacing mainline piping, fixing leaky manholes, repairing broken lateral pipes from sewer mains to customer property lines, and adjusting manhole casting elevations to coincide with local and state road paving projects. Staff also monitors and maintains the operation of 20 Lift Stations and 3 Flow Meters, as well as investigates the Collections System for Inflow and Infiltration (ground or surface water that enters the system via breaks or leaks) through the used of closed-circuit tv, flow meters, digital cameras, and other testing equipment. Where feasible, crews also perform upgrades to the system by installing larger diameter piping, and by installing gravity piping that allows us to remove lift (pump) stations - which results in operational savings of maintenance time and energy costs.