Business Customers

Business customers are charged the same rate per EDU as Residential customers, but obviously water use between these customer types differ. In an effort to obtain accurate billing information for your non-residential sewer rental account, University Area Joint Authority has developed a questionnaire. In the past, we have asked for this information on a quarterly basis. In order to streamline the process and make it less onerous on you, the customer, we have determined that annual reporting will be sufficient. Once per year you will be asked to submit this form providing basic details of your business activity so your EDU assessment pursuant to our Rate Resolution can be determined for that year. You can expect to receive this questionnaire during the first quarter of each year. Responses must be returned to the Authority before April 10th to avoid having your bill estimated for the first quarter of that year. You may respond by returning the questionnaire to the UAJA via U.S. Mail, or we also offer electronic response via E-mail using the form below.  

It is important to respond in a timely manner. The Authority, through its Rate Resolution, will estimate a reasonable sewer rental charge if this information is not provided. No rebates or refunds will be granted by the Authority for first quarter estimates after the April 10th deadline. Subsequent quarterly bills may be adjusted if the questionnaire is received before that quarter’s bills are generated, subject to the discretion of the Account Representative for your account. 

To assure accurate and uniform sewer rental charges for non-residential accounts, it is important for you to submit this annual report. We appreciate your anticipated cooperation.

There are two versions of the Yearly Questionnaire form. The Adobe Acrobat version (.pdf file) is available to download and print (in case you lost the one we mailed to you). Click here if that is what you need.

The Microsoft Word version of the Yearly Questionnaire is available here. This file may be downloaded and filled out on your computer if you have a relatively recent version of Microsoft Word on your computer. You may then email the attached document to Once you have received a confirmation from our Billing Agent you will know the Questionnaire has been received without problems.