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Important Notice:

Contract #2016-1 Conveyor Belt Replacement has been suspended indefinitely.

A new bid package will be advertised in the future.


Standard Specifications and Service Connection Policy Re-write

The Service Connection Policy document as well as all sections for the Standard Specifications For The Construction Of An Extension To The Sanitary Sewer System have been re-written and are now available for downloading.

Odor Control Study Interim Results Report

For those interested in following the progress of UAJA's Odor Control Study, the Interim Report is now available for viewing and download. Odor observation reports may also be submitted using the links below.

Odor Control Study - Interim Report - study results as of April 2015

Odor Observation Data Collection Sheet - this form may be printed and filled out by those wishing to report odor issues.

Online Odor Submission - to submit your Odor Observations online, click this link and follow the web page instructions


ComposT Information

Due to it's popularity, our monthly production of ComposT is frequently sold out quickly, so it is best to plan to get some at the beginning of the month. Call 814-238-5361 for more information and for current availability.

ComposT pickup is from 6:30 AM to 3:00 PM Monday through Friday. Cost is $7 per cubic yard, or $2 per car with container.


Announcement - Public Meeting to Kickoff SCPCF Odor Control Study

The University Area Joint Authority will be hosting an early evening tour on August 20, 2014 at the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility (SCPCF), followed by a brief informational meeting.

The public is invited to this initial kickoff gathering to learn about the comprehensive odor control study being undertaken by the Authority. Neighbors, public officials and other interested parties are encouraged to attend the 6:00 PM plant tour, focusing on wastewater treatment and composting facility processes that have potential to create nuisance odor emissions.

Attendees will learn to recognize the very different odors associated with various treatment processes, and be introduced to the new ODOR TRACK’R database system the Authority will be using to collect and track off-site odor reports. Guests will be introduced to a standardized procedure for reporting off-site odor observations that will provide greatest value to plant personnel. This information will be used by the Authority to identify specific odor-problem units and practices to prioritize and target odor control efforts at the SCPCF.

WHO:           Neighbors, public officials and other interested parties – EVERYONE IS WELCOME!


WHAT:         Wastewater treatment/composting facility– Public meeting and plant tour 

WHEN:         August 20, 2014 – 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

WHERE:      University Area Joint Authority; SCPCF; Starting at the on-site administration office building; 1576 Spring Valley Road, State College, PA 16801; Follow the signs in from the entrance gate.

WHY:           Comprehensive Odor Control Study – Kickoff Informational Meeting; If you are interested or concerned about odors originating from the SCPCF, you should attend this important meeting.


Important Notice - 2014 Rate Increase Information

Effective April, 2014, UAJA Wastewater Treatment Rates increase by 4 percent (from $100 to $104 per quarter, per EDU).  The Pine Grove Mills surcharge remains at $22.40 per quarter. As UAJA charges for service in arrears, this increase will first be seen in the July 2014 bill.

UAJA's rates were last increased in 2010, but due to the following reasons rates must be increased again:

UAJA's rates still remain near the average rate for the state of Pennsylvania.

The 2014 UAJA budget and the 2012 Audit report are now available.

2014 Budget
2012 Audit Report

If you require further explanation or have questions, please call (814) 238-5361


UAJA Background Information

The University Area Joint Authority, UAJA, is located on the outskirts of the city of State College (the home of Penn State), in central Pennsylvania. UAJA is the municipal authority providing Wastewater Treatment, or Water Recycling services, to much of State College and the Centre Region. In addition to providing Wastewater Recycling, we are also proud to operate an Award Winning Biosolids Composting facility.

Click here to see our most recent award, the 2000 Governor's Award for Environmental Excellence in Technology Innovation!

UAJA’s mission: re-use water and biosolids to benefit the environment, quality of life and economy of the region.

Believe it or not, wastewater is a resource. With appropriate treatment technologies, this community waste product can economically be turned into usable resources for the Spring Creek Watershed.

UAJA was formed in 1964 as a joint effort to provide sewage treatment to portions of Patton, Ferguson, College, and Harris Townships, and also to portions of the State College Borough. The Authority (UAJA) built the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility at 1576 Spring Valley Road which began operation in July of 1969. UAJA provides administrative staff and maintenance support duties required for the effective operation of the sewage collection systems and the sewage treatment plant servicing the communities described above. UAJA is a public organization and its structure includes: The Authority Board, Plant Operations, and Collection Systems.

In 1997 UAJA and two other sewer authorities, the College-Harris Joint Authority and the Patton-Ferguson Joint Authority, unified to more efficiently serve the region. As a result, wastewater rates to the customers were reduced, and now one board handles both the wastewater treatment issues and the wastewater collection issues. This was the first time in Pennsylvania history that sewer authorities were unified.

To learn more about UAJA, and how we treat the wastewater we receive, click on any of the buttons above. After selecting one of those topics, another menu will appear on the left side of your browser with subtopics to choose from.

Our web site will continue to undergo changes and additions, so please check back often to see if information you are seeking has been added. If you have any questions or comments concerning Wastewater Treatment, Compost Production, the Beneficial Re-Use Project, or our Water Conservation Program, you can click here to send an email message to us and we will try to respond as quickly as we can. If you feel there is information which would be beneficial for viewing on our site, or have comments regarding the layout, or organization of this website, direct your comments here. This website is best viewed at a screen resolution of 1024x768.