Planning Information

To ensure that the University Area Joint Authority can adequately prepare for the future, the Authority works closely with the Centre Regional Planning Agency and local municipal officials on regional planning activities. By keeping current on planning and growth trends in the community, the UAJA can prepare its system to ensure it is equipped to meet the future needs of the Centre Region.

What is the Centre Region?
The Centre Region consists of the State College Borough and the surrounding Townships of College, Ferguson, Halfmoon, Harris, and Patton. (click here to see a map of the Centre Region) These municipalities also comprise the State College Area School District. The Centre Region contains about 151 square miles of land area and is home to the University Park Campus of the Pennsylvania State University.

Although the Centre Region contains only one seventh of Centre County's land area, The Region contains over half of the County's population. In 1998, it is estimated that the Centre Region contained a population of 79,558 people. The University Area Joint Authority currently provides public sewer service to a large percent of the Centre Region's population.

Centre Regional Planning Agency (CRPA)
The CRPA is responsible for providing comprehensive planning services to the six Centre Region municipalities. The CRPA contains a staff of six proffessional planners. The Agancy Staff provides advice to the Region's elected officials on issues such as the Comprehensive Plan and sewage facilities, water resources and transportation planning issues. In addition, the CRPA performs reviews of residential, commercial,  office and industrial development proposals in the community. TheCRPA serves in an advisory capacity. All decsions on community planning issues are made by the elected officials in each of the Region's municipalities.

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