Plant History and Statistics

The University Area Joint Authority (UAJA) was established in 1964 and owns and operates the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility. Operation of the treatment facility began in 1969. We are located on Spring Valley Road on the border of College and Benner Townships and serve customers in Patton, Ferguson, College, and Harris Townships as well as some customers in the Borough of State College.

The original capacity of the treatment facility was 3.0 million gallons per day (mgd). In 1975 the plant was granted a hydraulic re-rate that increased its capacity to 3.87 mgd. In the early 1990’s the plant underwent an upgrade and expansion to accommodate continuing growth in the region. This expansion was constructed in two stages and was finished in 1992. One stage increased the capacity of the treatment facility to 6.0 mgd and the other stage constructed our biosolids composting facility.

Today we are treating on average approximately 5.0 mgd of wastewater. Projected growth of wastewater generation in our region beyond our rated ability to treat 6.0 mgd requires that we look into expanding our treatment facilities or to look for alternatives to the way we treat our wastewater today. Right now, the Beneficial Re-use Project that is being studied seems to be the best solution for the future.