University Area Joint Authority is fortunate to have a well-trained and dedicated staff to oversee the operation of its treatment facility.

Treatment Plant Superintendant
The Plant Superintendent is Art Brant. Art has 16+ years in the wastewater field, and is a state certified Sewage Treatment Plant Operator.

Plant Operators
Lead Operators Walter Patton, Ron Chronister, Jody Hugill, David Quick, and Perry Mason are all certified by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania as Sewage Treatment Plant Operators. Additionally, Operators Ron Musselman, Ray Wozniak, and Chris Miller are all state certified. Walter Patton has over 27 years operating experience. Ron Chronister and Jody Hugill have over 20+ years experience. David Quick, Perry Mason, Ron Musselman, and Ray Wozniak all have 10+ years experience. Our newest operators are Todd Matis and Dave Emu.

Laboratory  / Industrial Pretreatment
In charge of laboratory operations and responsible for the Industrial Pretreatment Program is Jason Brown. Jason is a graduate of Penn State University, and is certified in Wastewater Treatment. Denny Ripka and Richard Haynes staff the laboratory and conduct Industrial Pretreatment sampling.

Plant Maintenance
The Plant Maintenance staff is led by Maintenance Supervisor Andy Breon. Andy, but has many years experience in the electrical field. John Susan, Denny Vonada, Denny Grove, Ira Lutz, Joe Breon, and Marci Brown comprise the staff.

Our compost facility Staff includes: Denny Reif, Jerry Summers, Sam Taylor, Lawrence McLoughlin, and Greg Thal.