Board Information

UAJA has ten board members appointed by the municipalities served by the Authority. Each municipality appoints two members, and each member serves a five year term. Since members serve relatively long terms, the Authority board always has experienced board members who can follow a multi-year project from beginning to end.

UAJA operates independently of the municipalities served. There is however, a significant effort by the Authority to cooperate with the municipalities on environmental issues and growth issues. The Centre Region municipalities have adopted a comprehensive plan, and UAJA works with the municipalities to provide services according to the plan.

The board sets UAJA’s budget, approves all extensions to the sewer system, and sets all policies for billing, construction standards, planning, etc. UAJA’s board members are experts carefully selected by their respective municipalities. Most have served more than one term. The board members receive no compensation for service, and are all volunteers.

Board Members

Name/Position Township Term Expiration
Mr. David Lapinski, Chairman College January 6, 2027
Mr. R. David Derr, Vice Chairman Patton January 6, 2027
Dr. Walter Ebaugh, Secretary College January 6, 2024
Mr. Matt Auman, Assistant Secretary Harris January 6, 2023
Mr. Jeffrey Nucciarone, Treasurer Patton December 31, 2027
Mr. Mark Kunkle, Assistant Treasurer Ferguson January 6, 2026
Mr. Daniel Guss, Member Harris January 7, 2026
Mr. Thomas E. Daubert, Member Borough January 6, 2027
Mr. Wesley Glebe, Member Ferguson January 6, 2026
Mr. Larry Miles, Member Borough January 6, 2024

UAJA Board

The UAJA Board meets the third Wednesday of each month at 4:00 PM.

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