Rates and Billing

University Area Joint Authority rates, payment schedules and billing polices are listed below.  For further assistance with billing, please call our Customer Service Department at 814-238-5361 – Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4 PM.

Utility Rates

Location Quarterly Rate
General UAJA Service Area $108.00
Pine Grove Mills Area $130.40

Billing Schedule

Each of UAJA’s customers are billed for quarterly Sewer Rental – the fee we establish for wastewater collection and treatment. This fee is billed in arrears, meaning it is billed after the quarter ends. See the table below for a billing schedule.

Service Quarter Bill Mail Date Bill Due Date
January, February, March Mid-April Mid-May
April, May, June Mid-July Mid-August
July, August, September Mid-October Mid-November
October, November, December Mid-January Mid-February

Billing Policies and Procedures

Additional information regarding University Area Joint Authority billing and payment policies.

1. Delinquent payments

If wastewater rates and charges are not paid by provided due date each billing, an additional sum of 10% shall be added to the net bill, which net bill, plus such additional sum, shall constitute the gross bill. Payment made on or mailed and postmarked by the due date will be considered on time. When an account has a delinquent amount of $150.00 or more, the
property owner will be sent a certified letter requesting payment in full within 10 days. All costs associated with certified letters will be charged back to the customer’s account. If the property owner fails to pay the balance on the account after receiving the certified letter, and it becomes necessary for this Authority to post the property for water termination, a fee of $35.00 will be charged to the property owner’s account. At the point of posting, the property owner is notified that the full amount due and owing, together with penalties, interest and legal fees must be paid in full within five (5) days of the notice. In the event the full amount due is not paid, the water utility serving this property shall be directed to discontinue water service to the posted property pursuant to: (1) the Act of 1957, July 10, P.L. 622, as amended
and the Act of 1978, November 26, No. 299, as amended. In addition, the property owner will be assessed charges from the Water Utility for termination of service.

2.  Returned Check Policy

In the event a payment of wastewater charges or other charges rendered by this Authority are returned by a banking institution for any reason, a charge of $37.00 for each instance shall be added on the property owner’s account. In the event the banking institution levies a charge against the Authority for processing a returned check, said charge will be levied against the account for which service is being rendered. The Authority may also demand payment of the account by cash, certified check, bank draft, cashier’s check, bank/postal money order. The account, which was paid by the returned check, shall be considered delinquent until full payment is rendered.

3.  Prorated Charges

Owners of improved properties that connect to the sewer in the middle of a quarter will be charged from the date of connection. With permission from the University Area Joint Authority, owners of improved properties that disconnect sewer service by plugging the lateral will stop being billed as of the date that UAJA Personnel inspects the disconnection.

4.  Rental Properties

Authority rules and regulations specifically require that bills be mailed directly to the owner of record and NOT to a tenant. Any agreement of payment between owner and tenant must be considered a transaction between both and in no way concerns the Authority. The property owner is always ultimately responsible for bill payment to the Authority.

5.  Failure to Receive Bill

Failure of any owner to receive any bill shall not be considered an excuse for non-payment nor shall such failure result in an extension of the period of time during which the net bill shall be payable.

5.  Rate Resolution

To read more about billing information please download the UAJA Rate Resolution, which describes in extensive detail all rates and fees for UAJA services.

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