UAJA ComposT

High Quality Compost

UAJA ComposT is a mixture of ground local hardwoods and clean municipal wastewater solids. The resulting high quality compost product is rich in organic matter and plant nutrients, resembling a finely ground mulch (particles are ~3/8″) and is excellent for amending depleted soils, enriching planting mixes and enhancing the growth of turf, ornamental plant species and horticultural crops.

Our Process

Our facility optimizes and accelerates the process of composting which occurs at a much slower pace in nature. The process we use also generates enough heat to essentially pasteurize the product. Residual weed, fruit, and vegetable seeds, and micro-organisms do not survive the process.

The organic, slow-release nature of the nutrients in UAJA ComposT makes them less susceptible to loss through leaching than conventional chemical fertilizers. In addition, UAJA ComposT possesses an array of physical, chemical, and biological properties, which are difficult to find in any other product

Benefits of ComposT

Aside from being an economical and uniform source of organic matter, UAJA ComposT also:



Improves Soil Structure


Reduces Soil Compaction


Increases Water Infiltration, Soil Aeration, Moisture Holding Capacity and Mineral Nutrient Uptake Efficiency


Provides Slow-release Nutrients for Plant Growth

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