Wastewater Treatment Services for Centre Region residents.


Services for Commercial, Industrial and Public Facilities.


Land development guidance for engineers and developers.

UAJA Service Area

Centre County, PA Wastewater Management Services

The University Area Joint Authority provides Wastewater Treatment Services to portions of Patton, Ferguson, College, and Harris Townships, and also to portions of the State College Borough.

Residential Services

UAJA Water Treatment and Recycling Services

New Sewer Connections

Provide facility locations for excavations, installation or repair.  Issue permits for new connections to mainline sewer.

Installation and Repair

Installation and repair of service lateral from the main to the property line.

Connection System Cleaning

The collection system is cleaned and inspected to maintain the designed capacity and insure that there will be as few problems as possible for those who are connected.

Trouble Shooting

Camera inspection of house lateral for determination of problems (there must be accessible clean-outs).

Connection System Inspection

The collection system is inspected with a closed-circuit TV camera to look for leaks, breaks, misalignments, tree roots, infiltration of ground water, and blockages which can rob the pipe of it’s ability to carry flow efficiently.

Construction Approval

Inspection and test approval of new connections during construction. After successful inspection, the code card can be signed indicating our approval of the construction.

Residential Services

Industrial Services

In addition to all of the services that we provide to residential customers, we also offer the opportunity for potential Commercial, Industrial and Public Facilities customers to meet with us and discuss the project concept. Many times we are able to save time on preliminary design by offering suggestions and providing our insight as well as providing requirements that must be met. This effort is made so that these projects can be completed in a timely and efficient manor, and also gives us a chance to become more familiar with the customer, providing an environment of trust and communication. This is very valuable in the event of any future relationship.

Permits for connection to the mainline sewer are issued after a review of the site plan, architectural, mechanical and plumbing drawings. There is also a review of an Industrial Pretreatment Questionnaire which is required as a part of the Authority’s Industrial Pretreatment Program for all uses other than residential.

Inspection and test approval of new connections during construction.

Developers and Engineers

  • Design concepts and considerations are discussed prior to submission of plans in order to optimize the coordination and completion of the developers project.
  • Review and approval of final design.
  • Construction Inspection and test approval of new mainline extensions.
  • Through either an engineering study or our Geographic Information System ( when it is completed and operational ), the availability of capacity for development is determined, at cost.
  • Provide guidance through our requirements with respect to: Land Development Procedures

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