Renewable Energy Initiative

The University Area Joint Authority (UAJA) owns and operates the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility (Facility) located along the boundary of Benner Township and College Township in Centre County, Pennsylvania. The facility provides wastewater treatment, solids handling, and reuse water to the Centre County Region. UAJA has an extensive tradition of sustainability with many ongoing initiatives and would like to continue along that path by increasing the portion of Renewable Energy generated or purchased for facility operations.

PACE Energy, LLC has partnered with UAJA to install a 2.61 MW commercial photovoltaic system (solar array) and Frequency Regulation System at the current facility. The proposed project area is currently owned by UAJA and will encompass approximately 9-acres of land that was being used for agricultural activities. No additional land purchases, easements, or right-of-way were required to facilitate the project.

Solar Array Installation

The installation consists of solar PV panels constructed of monocrystalline silicon, anti- reflective glass, aluminum frame, and copper electrical wires with plastic sheathing. These panels are mounted in rows on weather resistant, metal piers and are fixed in a tilted position and oriented to maximize absorption of sunlight. The installation includes an equipment pad containing DC-AC inverters and switchgear, which is connected to the PV arrays via underground PVC conduits. The equipment pad is connected via underground wiring to the nearby West Penn Power feeder for the Facility. The installation is protected by a 6-foot high chain-link fence. No lighting is installed at the array.

UAJA’s Solar Powered Facilities

The array is sized to provide a portion of the Facility’s electric usage and qualifies for Net Metering under Pennsylvania regulations. Power produced by the solar array is fed directly into the treatment plant’s electrical systems, displacing grid-based energy. This results in an immediate reduction in the usage and load at the treatment plant. Through a bi-directional meter installed during the interconnection process, this excess power is credited against the Facility’s electric account charges up to the annual generation amount. In effect, the Electrical Generation Costs and Electrical Distribution Costs can be displaced by the Power Purchase Price under the PPA.

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