Industrial Pretreatment Program (IPP)

UAJA operates a federally mandated and approved Industrial Pretreatment Program to ensure that wastewater discharged to our treatment plant and collection system is compatible with the safe operation of our facilities and causes no environmental harm downstream of our treatment plant either by:

(1) interfering with normal plant operations (called “Interference”), or by
(2) introducing pollutants that cannot be adequately removed by our treatment system (called “Pass through”).

In practice, this means that all users must avoid discharging waste that is specifically prohibited by the UAJA IPP Resolution, which includes fats, oils, greases, hazardous materials such as flammable or toxic chemicals, and any other material that is incompatible with our collection and treatment system or would be dangerous or noxious to the public or UAJA employees. The complete prohibited discharge regulation can be read in section 4 of the IPP Resolution or by following the link below.

View or download the complete prohibited discharge regulation (section 4 of the IPP Resolution).

UAJA Prohibited Discharge List

Commercial Users

No commercial user can knowingly discharge specific pollutant for which UAJA has established “local limits” in concentrations that exceed the “default limits” as shown in Schedule 2 of the UAJA Local Limits Resolution.

If a commercial user knows or suspects that they may exceed these default concentrations on a regular basis, they are required to contact UAJA for further instructions. As described in the UAJA Local Limits Resolution, the UAJA IPP Coordinator will evaluate your situation and either issue you a Local Limits Waiver, allowing you to exceed the default concentrations subject to specific conditions, or ask you to apply for an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Permit (IPP Permit) by filling out an Industrial Wastewater Discharge Questionnaire.

There is no cost to apply for a permit, but permit holders are assessed a fee to cover UAJA’s expenses in administering the Permit Program.

More Information

For more information about the UAJA Industrial Pretreatment Program please contact the IPP Coordinator, Tom Willson at [email protected] or by phone at (814) 238-5361 x-7718.

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