UAJA ComposT: What is it?

UAJA ComposT is a premium soil conditioner created from a mixture of high quality municipal solids and wood chips. Resembling coarse peat moss, UAJA ComposT has a high nutrient and organic matter content – essential components of healthy and productive soils. UAJA ComposT is a soil conditioner, not a soil substitute.

UAJA ComposT is produced in a state-of-the-art facility designed to optimize and accelerate the natural composting process that normally occurs at a much slower rate. Our composting process also generates sufficiently high temperatures to create a weed and pathogen free product.

UAJA ComposT: Why use it?

UAJA ComposT possesses an array of excellent physical, chemical, and biological properties that are rarely found together in other products. Aside from being an economical and uniform source of organic matter, UAJA ComposT also:

  • Improves soil structure
  • Reduces soil compaction
  • Increases water infiltration
  • Increases soil aeration
  • Increases moisture holding capacity
  • Improves mineral nutrient uptake efficiency
  • Provides slow-release nutrients for plants

In addition to the above items, another reason to use UAJA ComposT is to help support an environmentally responsible program. Recycling the biosolids removed annually from UAJA’s wastewater treatment system prevents over an estimated 10,000 wet tons, or 20 million pounds, of material from being sent to regional landfills.

UAJA ComposT: How is it used?

UAJA ComposT is excellent for amending depleted soils, enriching planting mixes, and enhancing the growth of turf, ornamental plant species, and horticultural crops. The organic, slow-release nature of the nutrients in UAJA ComposT makes them less susceptible to loss through leaching than conventional chemical fertilizers.

As an effective soil conditioner, enthusiastic gardeners, professional growers, and landscapers quickly realize the value of UAJA ComposT when applied as a topdressing on established lawns, flower beds, gardens, or when used to amend soils for newly seeded lawns and landscapes. After spreading material to the appropriate depth, roto-tilling and core-aeration are two methods commonly used to more effectively incorporate UAJA ComposT into existing soils.

Before applying UAJA ComposT it is very good practice to have target soils tested and analyzed with the intended agricultural use in mind. Just as with fertilizers, UAJA ComposT must be applied at or below agronomic levels. This helps prevent over-fertilization and minimizes effects on water sources from runoff. The table below details typical results of ComposT analysis.

(Table 1)

Typical Nutrient Range
Nitrogen – Total (N) = 2.4% – 2.7%
Phosphorus – Available (P2O5) = 3.1% – 4.5%
Potash – Soluble (K2O) = 0.4% – 0.5%
Other Analytical Data (approximate values)
pH = 7.0-7.8
Moisture Content = 27%
Carbon:Nitrogen Ratio = 13:1
Soluble Salts = 1.7

As a sample of how ComposT must be applied, see Table 2 below for Turf grass.

(Table 2)

Turf Type Application Rate Agronomic Rate
 Existing  Approx 1/4 inch*  11 dry tons/acre
 New  Approx 1 inch**  44 dry tons/acre
 New  Approx 2 inch**  88 dry tons/acre

* Should be applied and aerated into the surface using a hollow-tine aerator.
** Should be tilled into the top 4-6 inches of soil.

UAJA ComposT: Things to know

  • The application of biosolids to the land is prohibited except in accordance with the instructions on the information sheet
  • ComposT is available for sale Monday thru Friday from 6:30AM to 3:00PM (except holidays)
  • ComposT is available by the cubic yard
  • ComposT must be covered during transport
  • Only 10% of nutrients are available during first growing season
  • ComposT provides a number of beneficial materials for improving soils, but other items may be necessary to provide the proper pH/nutrient/mineral balance for optimum growth conditions
  • ComposT is approved for reclamation of disturbed lands

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