UAJA Laboratory

UAJA operates a state-accredited environmental laboratory at the UAJA treatment plant at 1576 Spring Valley Road in State College, PA.

This facility is used to prepare and analyze water and biosolids samples to demonstrate compliance with environmental regulations and to provide process control information needed to optimize the operation of UAJA treatment facilities.

Fields of accreditation include:

  • plant nutrients (various nitrogen and phosphorous fractions)
  • solids (including TSS and TDS)
  • microbiology (fecal coliform)
  • residual oxygen demand (BOD and CBOD)

Additional Analyses

Additional analyses performed include pH, alkalinity, hardness, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, sulfate, sulfite, TOC, volatile solids and heterotrophic plate counts.

More Information

For more information about the UAJA Laboratory please contact the IPP Coordinator, Tom Willson at [email protected] or by phone at (814) 238-5361 x-7718.

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