During new building construction I noticed that the painters cleaned out their brushes, rollers and equipment in the bath tub and washed everything down the drain. Is this harmful or dangerous to those who live nearby?


Yes, it can be. This practice is not allowed in our Service Area, however it happens because it is very difficult for us to know when and where this might occur. Depending on the type of paint being used, certain fumes can be put into the sewer system which are harmful and if someone’s trap is not functioning properly those fumes can back-feed into the building, causing great discomfort to an unsuspecting victim. In areas that are dependent upon a Lift Station for their sewer service, it is important to note that paints and thinners are harmful to the pumps and may cause a failure, which could put that area at risk of basement flooding because the pumps can’t operate. If you observe this type of activity happening, please call us and we will dispatch someone to the site and take the appropriate action.

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